Master of None | Season 2 (Trailer)

Aziz Ansari‘s critically acclaimed Netflix series just dropped its first official trailer for season 2. Personally, I loved the first season a lot. It was hilarious, heartwarming, and the cinematography was freaking gorgeous. Season 2 seems like it’s gonna be a repeat of that and more, especially since it seems like we’re gonna finally see what Aziz’s character has been up to after the events of the last years season finale. I can’t wait! Binge the first season if you can, you will not regret it.

Jelani Carter

Jelani is the Founder and Editor in Chief of CLAIRMONT. He is originally from Brooklyn, New York but has been living in New Jersey since his freshman year of High School. He's interested in comedy, women, anime, and waffles. Don't judge him.

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